Axis T23 Wakesurf Boat Goes Big for 2019

At 23.5 feet with seating for 16, the Axis T23 has a big, traditional-bow and is available with Malibu’s Power Wedge III, Surf Gate and Surf Band to control the wake shape and height. Inside, the T23 is all tech and luxury. The LCD screen and classic analog gauges at the helm give you control over the entire T23 experience and the sliding, rear-facing Skybox Seat gives passengers a better view of the action.

All Axis models come standard with the Monsoon 410 6.0-liter engine and can be upgraded to the Monsoon 450 6.0-liter for ultimate torque.

Designed specifically for boarding applications, this hull design allows the boat to sit deeper in the water at slower speeds, helping create more water displacement for a bigger wake at all boarding speeds.

Our patented FibECS chassis and eight-layer lamination process provide maximum durability and ensures a smooth, solid ride on the water.

From stowed to deployed, the Power Wedge III creates a bigger wake by pulling down the back of the boat down, producing the equivalent of 1,500 pounds of ballast. Push a button to activate Surf Gate’s high-speed hydraulic actuators that let you quickly shift the wave from side to side.

Designed from the ground up, the driver’s seat has new plush fabrics and padding and lets the driver turn without rotating the seat.