CDK Technologies Continues to Expand


Six months on from the acquisition of CDK Technologies by Inspiring Sport Capital, the first of the stated aims takes concrete form today with exclusive talks regarding the acquisition of a business that is very familiar to skippers, La Rochelle-based C3 Technologies. An operation to promote external growth, it complements the extension of its premises in Lorient, which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.


Since its takeover by Inspiring Sport Capital, CDK Technologies has set itself some new aims supported by its new management team. “We set aside some
time to analyze our environment and identify some key areas for development: consolidating our position as leader in the domain of offshore racing, making
our surface areas and equipment specialized to enhance our manufacturing performance with regards certain elements like foils, strengthening our teams’
expertise and lining ourselves up to become a solid partner able to support the growth of the marine sector with anything ranging from luxury yachting to low carbon mobility solutions, ” announces Cyril Abiteboul, CEO of CDK Technologies.

CDK Technologies in exclusive talks regarding the acquisition of C3 Technologies

Within the context of this strategy, CDK Technologies is set to acquire C3 Technologies, one of its historic partners, whose business reflects the same
positioning and culture. “I’d like to thank Jean-Marie Buignet for the trust he has shown in CDK Technologies regarding the future of C3 Technologies. This
agreement is a way to accelerate the implementation of our strategy, particularly for the foil market, in which C3 Technologies is an historic
protagonist of great renown,” says Cyril Abiteboul.

Based in Périgny, just outside La Rochelle, the latter boasts some 28 employees and for more than 15 years it has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance composite parts (prototypes and production) such as daggerboards and rudders, the internal structures of boats and composite technical equipment. “Based in La Rochelle, C3 Technologies is highly dynamic and boasts a substantial labor pool. It addresses a market that
is very close to our own, making it an integral part of our strategy for consolidating our position through integration and specialization. We are also
keen to move into new markets, but this won’t be to the detriment of our historic market of offshore #racing, which is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of adaptability, rapidity and quality,” he continues.

For his part, Jean-Marie Buignet, managing director, is also thrilled about the upcoming purchase: “To my mind, Hubert Desjoyeaux has always been a
reference, as much on a human level as a technical one. Therefore, the fact that C3 Technologies’ history will become intertwined with that of CDK
Technologies and the dynamic fueled by the new team, perfectly resonates with the aims of growth and expansion that I’m planning for our company. I’m
convinced that our shared passions and our future collaborations will be beneficial and further contribute to the renown of CDK Technologies.”

An extension of the workshops planned for 2023

Beyond its strategy for external growth, the yard is planning a 6,000 m2 extension of its premises in Lorient. Set to begin next year, the work will span a
two-year period. “Beyond the extension, the specialization of our offer will also include that of our surface areas. This will enable us to establish our position as a reliable partner to offshore #racing, as well as to diversify, with new spaces dedicated to the demands of the clients we intend to address in the yachting industry, as well as other industries requiring the application of high performance composite,” says Cyril Abiteboul. “Quality and productivity must be exemplary. We also aim to ensure that the teams’ working environments, adapted to the current and future regulations, become a reference which sailing
protagonists will be proud to rally around,” he explains.