Choosing a Boat for Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

Top-Four Tips

The team at Monterey Boats put together a list of considerations when selecting the ideal sport boat for wakeboarding and water skiing.

Choosing a Boat for Wakeboarding and Water Skiing
Monterey 238SS Surf Edition

Here are the top-four tips from Monterey Boats:

1. Your Budget

You’ll need to start by being honest about how much you can spend on a boat—and on maintenance, registration fees, transportation, storing it at a marina or a slip, and all of the other expenses related to owning your own wakeboarding boat. It’s important to start with your budget, because this helps focus your search on the right boat for your needs. A Monterey M4 is a good choice for a mid-range boat, but if you only have a budget of $35,000, a smaller vessel like the M-22 may be a better choice.

Choosing a Boat for Wakeboarding and Water Skiing
Monterey M4

2. Support for Wake Accessories

Even if you don’t have the budget to add a wake tower or tabs to your boat right away when you’re buying it, the boat you select should at least offer support for adding them down the road. The M-22 offers plenty of space, and comes standard with a stainless-steel tow, so it’s a good option for anyone looking for a water sports boat on a budget.

3. Size, Weight and Performance

Size matters for a few reasons. First, a smaller boat with a more powerful engine will be a better option when it comes to wakeboarding and water skiing performance. A more nimble boat means that you’ll be able to make tighter turns and accelerate more quickly, but a larger boat can hold more passengers, and will have more features. Consider your own preferences when choosing the proper boat size for you. Another major factor in choosing the right size of boat is considering where you’re going to store it, and how you’re going to get it to the water. Typically, it’s impractical to tow boats that are over 25-28-feet in length, even with a powerful truck . A boat like the 238SS (pictured at top of page) offers plenty of features and amenities in a small, 23-foot package.

Choosing a Boat for Wakeboarding and Water Skiing
Monterey M-22

4. Versatility and Amenities

If you’re planning on using your boat for more than just wakeboarding and water skiing, like longer cruises or relaxing on the water, you may want to look into a boat with more amenities, such as a wet bar, cooler, refrigerator, or even a toilet and a shower. A vessel like the Monterey M4 provides you and your passengers with plenty of amenities, while still delivering incredible wakeboarding and water skiing performance.

Monterey Boats Surf Editions

Monterey Boats’ lineup of surf editions have hot graphics and a specialized audio packages. Here’s a look at some of them in the following video:

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