Grand Soleil Vintage Cup 2022

A Fine Vintage

GS Vintage Cup 2022 is the first edition of the sailing event dedicated to all “Vintage” boats that have made Cantiere del Pardo renowned in Italy and internationally. This sailing event organized by Grand Soleil Yachts is dedicated to all Grand Soleil sailboats with projects of construction prior to
the year 2000, which is the only requirement for participation.

vintage sail race

The GS Vintage Cup represents an important community-sharing event for owners, sailing enthusiasts of the historic Italian brand established in 1973, approaching the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2023.

vintage sail race

The sailing event will be staged in the beautiful location of Portopiccolo Sistiana, Trieste, which is the ideal meeting spot for Grand Soleil owners, friends and crews. GS Vintage Cup is not a proper regatta race but rather a “sea gathering” for all those who share common passions for boating and sailing. This will also allow people to admire the hull design evolution that has made Italian and international sailing history.

The GS Vintage Cup will start on Saturday in the early afternoon after the skipper briefing, but boats and crews are invited to arrive at Portopiccolo Marina even a few days in advance to take advantage of the hospitality and discover the beauty of the area. At the end of the first day of sailing, a party with drinks will be organized on the beach, while on the following morning, the second sailing session is scheduled with subsequent awarding of the winners.