Malibu Introduces 2019 25 LSV

The Malibu 25 LSV is the 25-foot flagship of company’s versatile line of boats. It offers the most interior space, storage capacity, ballast, as well as the biggest wake and wave. Technology and comfort innovations include wireless phone charging, a redesigned helm seat, a starboard locker for cooler and general storage, the new Malibu Multi View Bench Seat™, and an available integrated swim step that flips down from the swimboard. 

Wireless charging is provided in three different spots aboard the 25 LSV. The redesigned helm seat with leg cutouts allows the driver full range of motion to quickly turn from front to back without swiveling the whole seat. The Multi View Bench Seat is only available on the 25 LSV and provides up to eight different positions. Malibu’s new available MaliBoost™ Jet Thruster improves control in wind or current. There’s also an optional bow camera.

With seating for 18 and just under 5,000 pounds of available ballast, the 25 LSV has all the mass necessary to make this hull carve out huge wakes, and multiple components of the Integrated Surf Platform (I.S.P.™) let you dial in your settings.

The Surf Gate™ is the backbone of I.S.P. Surf Gate and it creates a wave on either side of the boat without having to move any ballast. Malibu’s Power Wedge™ III is a hydrofoil that pulls down the back of the boat to create a bigger wake and lifts the boat when you want to get on plane quickly or to minimize the wake for new riders. For 2019, Power Wedge III has more usable positions and five more degrees of lift to create more wake and wave options.

Quad Hard Tank™ Ballast makes the mass in the 25 LSV’s wake, and with new Maxballast™ L-shaped rear tanks as well as integrated float sensors in the available plug ‘n play ballast, the whole system can be monitored from the dash. Put all these I.S.P. wake features to good use while you’re riding with the world’s first and only Surf Band™. Adjust your speed, crank your tunes, dial in Power Wedge III and switch sides while you’re surfing without ever having to yell at the driver.

At the helm, controlling the I.S.P. is the Malibu Command Center. Finally, the new Malibu Gx Tower™ can be automatically raised or lowered by turning a dial, even when fully loaded. Set up your Gx with a bimini, four board racks and Rev 10® speakers as well as six hoop color options, five billet color options and two tower speaker colors. Opt for clamping swivel board racks to free up storage space. The Gx and standard G3.5 towers are made in-house. Malibu Soft Grip material covers the flooring and swimboard, and a model-specific, digitally tuned audio system by Wet Sounds® features multi-zone volume control along with a transom remote.