Meet LURION Boats All-Electric Bass Boat

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Co-founder of the all-new, first-of-its-kind, high-powered and technologically advanced bass boat, Colby Clayton, is pleased to announce the official launch of the LURION iON21. As the first fully electric bass boat ever released on the market, the iON21 offers more than just ingenuity, it offers an experience.

lurion electric bass boats

“The LURION iON21 will certainly change the fishing experience,” said co-founder Colby Clayton. “Our boat was designed not only to make it easier to catch fish, but we wanted to make it more fun on the water, too. More fish + more friends = more fun. Unlike our competitors, our boats accommodate four passengers instead of just two. We also put a lot of thought into the boat’s practicality, engine capacity, technology, and finer details. This is not your average fishing boat.”

Uniquely designed, the iON21 offers a 360-degree range for fishing with fish-finding controls in the front and the rear of the boat. Built for speed, this exhilarating ride can reach a top speed of up to 100 MPH. Best of all, it is fully electric, powered by 100kw batteries when in tournament mode that’s performs like a 250HP equivalent outboard.

The LURION iON 21 also comes standard with fully integrated advanced fishing technology connecting all six screens simultaneously. Among the many other bells and whistles, the iON 21 comes standard with top-tier materials, a four-seat cockpit design (twice the amount of competitor seats), and four bow screens integrated into the boat.

lurion electric bass boats

“My son Colby is a high school student and avid tournament bass angler,” added father and co-founder Cameron Clayton. “Inspired by his frustration after being unable to fish off the back of his boat during a competition because the engine was in the way, he came up with the idea of redesigning and making a more fishing-friendly boat that would allow more accessibility.”

Specs At a Glance:

200-Mile Range Per Charge
Wide Open Mode 100 MPH / 160 KMH
Tournament Mode 250 HP Electric Equivalent
Boat Length 23’6 / 7.16 M
Fishing Surface 170 Sq. Ft.
Draft 16″
Beam 8′ 11” / 2.73 M
Seating 4 Persons
Storage Capacity 100 Cu. Ft.
Towing Length 27′ 11”
Target Total Weight 2,200 lbs.
Max Weight Capacity 1,800 lbs.

In development for the past year and a half, the iON 21 is offered at an estimated MSPR of $185,000. Now accepting preorders online, customers can log on here make their $500 refundable deposit toward their purchase. LURION Boats notably has an expected release date of the Summer of 2024.