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Vacuum Packin’

Fun fact: the original MityVac handheld vacuum pump was designed for medical applications. Thankfully for us gearheads, someone had the bright idea to give it a try in the automotive world and make brake bleeding, fluid extraction, and compression testing much easier.

Summit Racing carries a full line of MityVac products including these:

Vacuum Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kits

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Bleeding hydraulic brakes and clutches has traditionally been a two-person job. MityVac Vacuum Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kits use your workshop’s compressed air system to draw air and fluid out of hydraulic brake and clutch systems, turning a messy chore into a quick, clean, one-person job. Features include:

• Capable of extracting used brake fluid while refilling with new
• Isolated flow and pressure/vacuum valves for simple functionality and control
• Automatic shutoff to prevent overfill
• Universal bleed screw adapter conforms to most common bleed screw sizes
• Integrated muffler for quiet operation
• Redundant pressure control systems maintain peak output pressure below 30 PSI for safety
• Available with 1.3- or 2-quart capacity reservoirs
• Hose and wand, vacuum bleed hose and adapters, master cylinder refill kit included

Original Tune-Up Hand Pump Kit

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Perform literally hundreds of mechanical tests with MityVac’s Tune-Up Hand Pump Kit. That includes engine diagnostic evaluations, diesel fuel priming, power steering evacuation, turbocharger testing, vacuum testing, fluid transfer and evacuation, and even brake and clutch system bleeding. Features include:

• Selectline hand vacuum pump with 2-inch premium gearless diaphragm gauge
• 4.5-ounce fluid reservoir bottle with fluid transfer and storage lids
• Convenient one finger vacuum release
• Fully serviceable and rebuildable at home

The MityVac Tune-Up Hand Pump Kit comes with manifold plugs, bleed screw adapters, tubing connectors and adapters, vacuum cap plugs, master cylinder refill kit, and a molded storage case.

Compression Test Kit

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Low cylinder compression can lead to all sorts of problems. The MityVac Compression Test Kit is perfect to test for ring or cylinder head problems, sticking valves, blown head gasket(s), and more. Features include:

• Easy-to-read 2¾-inch diameter Bourdon tube gauge with readings in bar, PSI, kPa, and kg/cm² 
• Manual pressure release for maintaining peak readings
• Professional-grade threaded adapters for leak-proof seals
• Extended hose for hard-to-reach applications
• Quick-disconnect coupler for easy accessory changes
• Air-hold adapter for performing valve seal repairs without removing cylinder head
• Adapters to fit motorcycle, lawn mower, chain saw, and other small engines

The MityVac Compression Test Kit can perform both dry and wet engine cylinder compression tests. It can be used on most types of automotive, marine, and small engines except diesels.


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