Performance Boats Center Catamaran Has a New Home

As reported on the website, performance-boat enthusiast Ron Szolack has purchased the Performance Boat Center Skater 388 catamaran. He plans to run the boat in the 2019 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout with Performance Boat Center’s Myrick Coil, who has driven the raceboat at offshore events the past few years.

Szolack has a pair of fresh dual-fuel Sterling Performance engines that were in his former shootout boat. He can run them with 110-octane fuel for pleasureboating and E-90 high-test for the shootout. Performance Boat center is going to install the engines in the Skater 388 and the dealership will install air conditioning as well.

The boat will fly the Performance Boat Center colors in 2019 and there are hopes that the catamaran will top the 200-mph mark.