U-Boat Worx Unveils World’s First 35-meter Underwater Entertainment Platform Submarine


I swear, if I’m ever a Bond villain U-Boat Worx is going to get all of my money. The global leader in manned submersibles just announced the launch of a completely new class of submarine – one that has been designed to host the most prestigious and memorable events on the planet.

uboat worx entertainment submarine surfaced

The “Under Water Entertainment Platform”, or UWEP for short, is a completely autonomous submersible with capacity for up to 120 guests, excluding crew. Guests will experience diving to depths up to 200 meters in comfort and style, and are free to walk around just as they would aboard a cruise ship.

u boat worx party sub

Over 1,600 sq ft of floor space can be configured by the operator, varying from an underwater restaurant with 64 seats, a subsea gym, or a deep-sea casino. As a multi-purpose venue, the UWEP is suitably prepared to host product presentations, parties, weddings, conferences, or any other stage-based performance, in the most unique setting imaginable.

Fourteen windows connect the guests directly to the fascinating underwater world. A series of exterior lights illuminate the surroundings and add an extra dimension, whether to night-time diving or deep-sea dining experiences.

The UWEP runs solely on batteries and can operate non-stop for 24 hours. For the convenience of the guests, the air-conditioned UWEP is fully pressurized, so there’ll be no need for decompression. Luxury washrooms and a galley are standard. Between cruises, the UWEP can be recharged and re-provisioned in a port or floating dock, where guests can also comfortably board the submarine via its two grand access hatches.

u boat worx party submarine

U-Boat Worx is currently reviewing opportunities with pioneering entrepreneurs and leading hospitality groups to select the most suitable locations.