Boat Bling Hot Sauce Spray Detailer

Spot Remover

Hot Sauce is a spray-and-wipe detailer that is formulated to cut through water spots and mineral deposits without stripping the wax coating on your boat.

Boat Bling Hot Sauce Spray Detailer

Hot Sauce detailer is the top-selling product in Boat Bling’s brand of cleaning products called Bling Sauce. It contains sealants to help maintain your wax coat while leaving a streak-free, show-quality shine. It can be applied on either wet or dry surfaces.

Boat Bling Hot Sauce Spray Detailer

Hot Sauce Features:

• Simple spray on, wipe off application
• Removes hard water spots
• Formulated to not strip your wax
• Adds sealant with every use
• Safe for fiberglass, paint, stainless, glass and plastic
• Apply wet or dry for a streak-free shine

Boat Bling Hot Sauce Spray Detailer

Bling Sauce Tech Tip:

Begin with two microfiber towels. Start at the rear of the boat where the spots and buildup are the most extreme. Spray and wipe Hot Sauce across two-to-three-feet sections, flipping the towel over as you go. Continue around the boat using the same towel until you’ve reached the front, then use a fresh microfiber towel for the other side of the boat.

Quart sizes of Hot Sauce have a suggested MSRP of $19.95 and gallons are $49.95 each.

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ABOUT Bling Sauce®

Boat Bling, Inc was founded in 2004 by two avid boaters and friends, Patrick Jones and Tom Kruse. Boat Bling produces the Sauce line of premium boat detailing products. Our mission is simple, to Inspire Pride in Ownership through effective, easy to apply, high quality maintenance products within reach of every boater.